Meet the Team


Dr Dagny Samuel (f)

MBBS 2004, Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
MRCGP 2012,  Newcastle
Dr Samuel is a GP trainer and leads on the training elements in the practice. Dr Samuel works part time in the practice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and is based mainly at Wingate. Dr Samuel leads on Diabetes and other Chronic Disease Conditions and works closely with our Practice Nurses. Dr Samuel also has interests in Management and Commissioning and works closely with the management team and is the Primary Care Clinical Director for Easington District Primary Care Network.

Dr Oliver Barnsley (m)

MBBS 2003 Newcastle. MRCGP 2009
Dr Barnsley’s interests are varied but include child health, cardiovascular disease and mental health. Dr Barnsley has various lead roles in the practice and works 8 clinical sessions and is based mainly at Horden. Dr Barnsley also leads on providing enhanced care to residents of Hawthorns Care Home, Peterlee

Dr Kathryn Clark (f)

Dr Clark works part time and is based mainly at Wingate and Wheatley Hill. 

Dr Koko Naing (m)

Dr Naing is a Senior GP Partner and works mainly at Wheatley Hill. Dr Naing is full time and works Monday to Thursday. Dr Naing also leads in providing enhanced care to residents of Abbotts Court Care Home, Wheatley Hill.

Dr Htoo Kyaw (m)

Dr Htoo is a full time GP Partner and mainly works in Wheatley Hill, Kelloe and Wingate. Dr Htoo also leads on Diabetes Care in the Practice. Dr Htoo also leads in provision of enhanced care to residents of Beeches Care Home, Kelloe

Dr Purnima Adla (f)

Dr Adla is a part time salaried GP in the practice with a special interest in Women’s Health. Dr Adla also specialises in Joint Injections and has an interest in Palliative Medicine and Frail and Elderly. Dr Adla is usually based at Peterlee.

Dr Syeda Hassan (f)

With a big interest in teaching and training, Dr Hassan is a part time GP and is usually based at Wingate and Peterlee. Dr Hassan also leads on providing enhanced care to residents of Divine Care Home-Wingate, Peterlee Care Home-Peterlee and Bannatyne Care Home-Peterlee.

Dr Clare Francis (f)

Dr Clare Francis is a part time GP and usually based at Wingate and Wheatley Hill. Dr Francis has a special interest in Palliative Care.

Dr Leena Thomas (f)

Dr Thomas works Monday-Wednesday at our Horden Surgery. She specialises in Joint Injections and very soon will be starting minor surgeries in the practice. 

Dr Chinonso Nnabuike Ezomike (m)

Dr Ezomike is our full time sessional GP working mainly from Wingate

Dr Christiana Azih

Dr Azih is our sessional GP working mainly from Horden

Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Ms Sarah Woolston (f)

Ms Helen Clarke (f)

Ms Emma Stephens (f)

Ms Janet Colwill (f)

Mrs Sarah Smith (f)


Practice nurses are qualified and registered nurses. They can help with health issues such as family planning, healthy living advice, blood pressure checks and dressings. The practice nurses run clinics for long-term health conditions such as asthma or diabetes, minor ailment clinics and carry out cervical smears.

Nurse Lorna Kristensen (f)

Senior Practice Nurse

Nurse Suzanne Gill (f)

Senior Practice Nurse

Nurse Lucy Young (f)

Nurse Hayley Berry (f)

Nurse Carly Legg (f)

Nurse Julie Warin (f)

Health Care Assistants

Miss Lyndsey Hood (f)

Mrs Anne Corrigan (f)

Ms Jacqui Hepple (f)

Miss Sophie Kristensen (f)


Ms Christine Briggs (f)

Miss Joanne McNamee (f)

Miss Rebecca Routledge (f)

Ms Julie Weaver (f)

Operational Management Team

Mr Joseph Chandy (m)

Practice Manager and Managing Partner

Mr Joseph Chandy is the Practice Manager and Senior Strategic Managing Partner of the Practice since 1996. Joseph offers strategic support to the practice at all levels.

Mrs Patricia Richards (f)

Finance Officer

Pat is our finance officer and assists the management team with existing skills from her previous roles and vast experience in General Practice over many years.

Ms Jade Brimlow (f)

Business Administrator

Jade has joined the practice as Business Administrator Jade will be supporting the management team in various administrative areas and will be leading operationally on areas to improve patient services 

Administrative Team

The Admin and Reception team have an important job and endeavour to deal with your questions, appointments, repeat prescriptions etc. as efficiently as possible. They have enquiries and calls coming from every direction, so please be patient.
On occasions the receptionists may need to ask you a few details. They have been trained to make these enquiries in order that we can help you in the most appropriate way. Sometimes they may need to ask for further details. They are not being nosey and are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors and Nurses. All medical information, which is held on your behalf, is governed by the Data Protection Act and staff are vigilant in ensuring that only essential information is made known to other practice staff.
Receptionists are the engine house of the surgery, doing a wide range of administrative jobs, answering telephone calls and greeting patients at the counter.
At times there may be slight delays so please be patient until they can attend to you. Practice Staff are bound by the same confidentiality rules as Doctors. We comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Freedom of Information Act 2000.


Miss Allison Forster (f)

QOF Administrator

Miss Hannah Malcolm (f)

GP Assistant

Ms Heather Pegman (f)

Quality Outcomes Officer

Jessica Hindmarsh (f)

Admin Apprentice

Leonie Needham (f)

Admin Apprentice


Mrs Leanne Cotton (f)

Site Supervisor

Mrs Jill Robinson (f)

Site Supervisor

Laura Jarvis (f)

Site Supervisor

Miss Kelsey Ryder (f)

Site Supervisor

Mrs Denise Dunn (f)

Senior Receptionist

Mrs Marie Herron (f)

Senior Receptionist

Mrs Terri Bell (f)

Ms Stephanie Barry (f)

Miss Joanne Million (f)

Ellie Coulson

Jordan McGreskin

Miss Rebekkah Routledge (f)

Mr Joshua Chandy (m)

Ms Kelly Terry (f)

Ms Elaine Nattress (f)

Miss Courtney Smart (f)


Ms Julie Weaver (f)

Miss Hannah Malcolm (f)

Ms Lisa Bell (f)

Ms Nicoletta Stiacu (f)

Ms Victoria Brown (f)

Victoria provides weekend services to the practice as part of the secretarial team 

Ms Lorna Hall (f)

Physician Associate

Mr Stephen James Grehan (m)

Physician Associate


Mr Hicham Boumara (m)

Miss Samantha Emmerson (f)

Ms Jamie Chng

Ms Huddah Khalil (f)

Mrs Margaret Corps (f)

Pharmacy Technician

Ms Jodie Cairns (f)

Pre Registration Pharmacy Technician

Mr James Ong (m)

Attached Staff

Ms Louise Arkwright

First Contact Physiotherapist

Louise Arkwright is our First Contact Physiotherapist and is usually based at Wheatley Hill and Horden. 
The role of First Contact Physiotherapists in Primary Care is to assess patients with soft tissue muscle pain at their first point of contact or for follow-up management as appropriate within the healthcare system.
First Contact Physiotherapists enable adult patients to be seen in their GP practice without being referred by a doctor.
You can find further information regarding role of FCP by clicking on links below. If you have a musculoskeletal problem – THINK FCP – NOT GP !

Ms Rebecca Ritchie (f)

Care Coordinator

Rebecca is our full time Care Coordinator and is usually based at Horden. Care coordinators provide extra time, capacity, and expertise to support patients in preparing for clinical conversations or in following up discussions with primary care professionals. They work closely with the GPs and other primary care colleagues within the primary care network (PCN) to identify and manage a caseload of identified patients, making sure that appropriate support is made available to them and their carers (if appropriate), and ensuring that their changing needs are addressed. They focus on the delivery of personalised care to reflect local PCN priorities, health inequalities or at risk groups of patients. 

Ms Julie Glass (f)

Cancer Care Coordinator

Mr Adam Fleck (m)

Joint Assessment Team

Ms Georgia Bell (f)

First Contact Mental Health Practitioner

Ms Simone Hogan (f)

Child and Young Person Mental Health Practitioner

Courtney Wilson (f)

Child and Adult Social Prescribing Link Worker

Shannon Peacock (f)

Care Home Coordinator

Ms Rebecca Cockburn (f)

Pharmacy Technician

Mrs Joanne McNamee (f)

GP Assistant

Community Midwives

Offer full maternity and postnatal care.

Contact: 0191 586 3474

Community Nurses

The nurses work with the practice providing nursing care, advice and support. They work in close liaison with the doctors and give support to patients too ill to attend surgery.  They also liaise with Twilight Nurses, Macmillan Nurses etc. and give advice on appliances and aids.

Contact: 0191 569 2957.

Sister Andrea Fletcher (f)

Sister Deanna Morris (f)

Health Visitors

A health visitor is a registered nurse who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women. Their role is to provide families with children under five years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing.

0300 0269850 – Wingate
0300 0269850 – Peterlee