Clinics and Services

Clinics and Services

We provide a range of services and clinics.

Services Provided

  • Family Planning Care – doctors and nurses trained in family planning,inhouse
  • Maternity Care – run by the district midwives at the Family Centre.
  • Child Health Services – available from the  health visitors. 
  • Immunisations – child vaccinations are given at 2,3 and 4 months to protect small babies from certain diseases.  Clinics for these are held weekly with the nurse.
  • Minor Operations – run by the doctor and nurse for the removal of cysts and lumps. Warts and verrucae are treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen.


  • Heart Disease – Amy Wright, Lorna Kristensen, Lucy Young, Suzie Gill 
  • Asthma – Lorna Kristensen, Lucy Young, Suzie Gill, Hayley Berry, Carly Legg, Becca Wilson 
  • Diabetes – Lorna Kristensen, Suzie Gill , Lucy Young and Hayley Berry 
  • Elderly Persons – Lorna Kristenson, Lucy Young , Suzie Gill, Julie Warin 
  • Epilepsy – Pharmacist and all clinicians in practice 
  • Health Promotion – Sophie Kristensen, Terri Finch, Jaenell Kirkpatrick, Gemma Snowdon, Carly Legg
  • Hypertension -Jacki Hepple, Anne Corrigan, Sophie Kristensen and all our Nurses 
  • Smoking Cessation– Jackie Hepple, Allison Forster 
  • Learning Disabilities -Sarah Woolston, Lorna Kristensen, Suzie Gill 
  • Pill Checks – All nurses 
  • Contraceptive Injections (Depo) – All nurses 
  • Copper Coil/Mirena Insertion – Once a month clinic by Dr Adla (for menstrual irregularities only) 
  • Minor Op Clinics (held monthly by Dr Ramzi)

All Services

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